Wrapping up the Laser Scanning

This week my group finished 3D laser scanning, photographing, and recording video footage of the objects. We also had the added surprise of the James Monroe Museum asking us to include a sixth object, the James Monroe musket. The Director wanted to include the musket because it illustrates a common problem in museums. According to Monroe family lore, James Monroe used the musket for hunting, took it to college at William and Mary, and fought with it in the American Revolution. However, the lack of supporting documents and the fact that the musket is an amalgamation of other muskets makes the story difficult to prove. I think it is a good object to include in the digital collection because it highlights the issues with interpreting poorly documented objects. Posting a 3D scan and photographs online may also eventually lead to viewers offering new information about that musket or muskets of the same time period that could help the museum.

1 thought on “Wrapping up the Laser Scanning

  1. It must be a relief to finally have all that scanning done! Also, I like that the Museum wants to publicize this common issue and, as such, are truly engaging in the digital age. By making this lack of documentation public, it will hopefully make museum guests in general feel that they can question and express doubt, as history is all about interpretation of the evidence, and all evidence is not reliable.

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