Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

Photogrammetry point cloud
Orthographic image

Photogrammetry is an efficient method of creating an orthographic image of a historic building or structure. In the example above, I created a model of the ruins of a mid-nineteenth-century tabby barn at Botany Bay Plantation on Edisto Island, South Carolina using the photogrammetry program Agisoft Photoscan (Tabby is a type of concrete made of lime from burnt shells, sand, ash, and broken shells). My classmates and I then used the orthographic images to produce highly accurate measured drawings for a conditions assessment of the barn for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. We were able to show areas of biological growth, cracking, erosion, and improper repairs with concrete for each of the barn’s elevations.

I have also used a Faro X330 laser scanner to produce documentation of historic buildings.

Targets set up for laser scanning the exterior of St. James Church, Santee , South Carolina