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Research Log 1

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Research Log Questions

What did you find?

I found "'Her Own Sense of Right': Civil War Rhetoric and Southern Women" by J. Matthew Ward.

Why does it matter?

This analysis of the rhetoric of southern women during the Civil War is important because it provides insight into using language to learn about the women's understandings and acceptance of changing gender roles. Some women used patriotic rhetoric to justify expanding gender roles like nursing while the language of others show their ambivalence or resistance to changing standards.

How did you get there?

I found this scholarly journal article when I searched EBSCOhost for Confederate women's narratives.

Did it lead you anywhere? If so, where?

This article uses the diaries of Elizabeth Brown and Kate Cumming as examples. I could use these diaries as a contrast to Lucy Buck's diary if I chose to. More importantly, the article also references several other scholarly works on gender in the South during the Civil War: Drew Gilpin Faust's Mother's of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War, Kimberly Harrison's "Rhetorical Rehearsals: The Construction of Ethos in Confederate Women's Civil War Diaries," and Cheryl Wells' "Battle Time: Gender, Modernity, and Confederate Hospitals."